Take Action One Neighborhood At A Time

We're looking for partners who want to invest in the future by supporting DC children and the neighborhoods where they live, learn and play. 


A Call To Action: Good Things for Children Neighborhood by Neighborhood

When children live within 5 miles of a library, it increases their chances for academic success. Recreation centers can get children moving and keep them healthy, but they are also assets that support neighborhoods, by giving children safe places for play.


In partnership with all stakeholders and businesses, we want to ensure children have access to assets like recreation centers, playgrounds, libraries, (and other good assets) that help make ALL DC neighborhoods good places for children to grow up.


10 critical assets or "good things" are what ALL DC neighborhoods need for children to reach their full potential:

 1.  Quality Schools
 2.  Libraries
 3.  Recreation
 4.  Healthy Food
 5.  Safe Parks
 6.  Health Care
 7.  Banks
 8.  Transportation
 9.  Restaurants
10. Retail

For additional inform ation about improving neighborhood outcomes for children -- neighborhood by neighborhood, please contact Shana Bartley at sbartley@dckids.org or 202-234-9404.