DC Votes for Children and Youth 2018: Election Advocacy Guide Toolkit

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The 2018 District of Columbia elections present a critical opportunity. Now is the time to push for the needs of the over 120,000 children and youth who call DC home—but lack a direct political voice—to the forefront of every candidate’s agenda. This year, DC voters will elect the next mayor, chair of the Council of the District of Columbia, two at-large councilmembers, and councilmembers representing Wards 1, 3, 5, and 6. We must ensure that the needs of the over 120,000 children and youth who call DC home—but currently lack a vote—are at the forefront of every candidate’s agenda.

DC Action for Children and the DC Alliance of Youth Advocates have partnered together to release the DC Votes for Children and Youth 2018 Election Advocacy Guide.  Developed with input and guidance from the DC Youth Mayoral Forum Leadership Team and the Young Women’s Project, the guide will empower DC residents of all ages—registered voters and residents who cannot vote— to effectively engage candidates on key issues affecting DC children and youth today. 


9 One-Page Infographics and Questions for Candidates by Topic

The guide highlights nine issue areas where elected officials have the opportunity to address disparities by race and place and positively impact the lives of children, youth, and families. Each section features one-pagers consisting of an infographic and a list of targeted questions that you can pose to candidates at a variety of settings, such as candidate forums and meet-and-greets.



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As you engage with candidates on social media this election cycle, please use the hashtag: #WeVote4DCKids.


While the District continues to experience unprecedented prosperity, the needs of many children and youth still go unmet. All residents benefit when elected officials champion public policies that promote equity and improve the lives of DC children.


Download the Source Guide to find all the sources for the data and questions included on each one-pager.