Why our work is even more urgent today

The Foundation for Child Development released its annual Child and Youth Well-Being Index today, revealing that the rate of children living in poverty across the country has hit 22%, its highest point in nearly two decades.

It's hard to accept, though not so hard to believe given the Great Recession, that more children are living in poverty today than when DC Action for Children launched in 1992. It makes our work all the more urgent. We cannot hope for better outcomes for low-income children if we fail to address the cruel cycle of poverty that impacts their development from birth.

The index tracks 28 key indicators related to child development, including health insurance coverage, parents' employment, infant mortality and preschool enrollment. Read the full report here.

It's truly heartbreaking to read in USA Today that FCD president Ruby Takanishi believes the "recession could wipe out virtually all the economic progress for children since the Foundation for Child Development began analyzing data in 1975."