What a Week! June 5th Wrap Up.

DC Action for Children Newsletter
June 5, 2020

Read “Silence is Complicity, Executive Director Kimberly Perry’s statement on the current state of our nation in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder, and the urgent need for anti-racist action to demonstrate that Black lives do matter. 

Read Under 3 DC Coalition Director Ronald Jarrett’s testimony to the DC Council on the importance of child care subsidies to provide Black babies and toddlers with a healthy start that will last a lifetime and the critical role that early childhood educators provide in family economic security and in our community. 

Read DC Action Chief of Staff Matthew Hanson’s testimony to the DC Council on the importance of out of school time programs to support the emotional and mental health of children and youth and help make up for lost instructional time due to COVID-19.

BE COUNTED! The date for completing the 2020 Census has been pushed back to October 31.  Nearly half (43%) of District residents have not yet completed the form, and in historically underserved parts of DC, the participation rate is half that (see map). 

Census results are essential to allocating sufficient resources to our communities and neighborhoods. Census data determine that DC gets $6 billion dollars a year in federal funding, including almost $400 million for children (including healthcare, WIC, child care, and public schools), $1.6 billion for student loans/grants, and $3.5 billion for other programs that support low-income families, including for healthcare/health facilities and housing.

As of this week the Census has started to phase in in-person delivery of census questionnaires in DC. We need your help to ensure that everyone completes the form and includes their young children, including babies, and youth, even older youth, in the process. Everyone needs to be counted. People can complete the census questionnaire by phone at 1-844-330-2020, online at http://2020census.gov, or by mailing back their form at no cost.


This week in the Washington City Paper: “D.C. Ranks in Bottom Quintile of New Save the Children Childhood Report” Read the article to get the back story on this disturbing statistic, including insights from DC Action’s Kimberly Perry and Rachel Metz.

On Thursday night, we held a virtual town hall with the Under 3 DC coalition on Supporting Healthy Families. Parents and providers spoke about the importance of fully funding health and mental health supports for our children in the FY2021 District budget. 

Kimberly Perry and the entire DC Action for Children Team