Two things you can do today

Congratulations, you made it to Friday! Here are two quick things you can do today (you know you have time -- if not today, then over the weekend):

  • Help ensure that Congress doesn't repeal health care reform. The House is set to vote on the repeal of the Affordable Care Act next Wednesday, Jan. 12. Sign this petition by Voices for America's Children, Moms Rising and other children's advocacy groups to say "Heck, no!
  • Read this incredibly important expose of the District's draconian child welfare system in the Washington City Paper. It's long, but worth the time to understand the hypocrisy of our current  draconian approach to "rehabilitating" troubled youth -- warehousing them in out-of-state residential treatment systems, where some are placed in long term solitary confinement, shackled and worse. Ninety percent of RTC graduates go on to commit crimes after their release. Are we surprised? Many of the children who are placed in these facilities enter purely as victims; too many come out as criminals. I found the story particularly interesting as I recently learned that the number of children in foster care in the District has gone down -- a fact that surprised me. Is it because we are shifting children who should be in foster care into the criminal justice system?