Thanksgiving 2011- what are you thankful for this year?

As we move into this hectic holiday season, children, youth and their families across the District are reflecting upon what they have to be thankful for:  health, happiness and opportunities. In the spirit of gratitude, we would like to take a moment to thank our fellow advocates, educators, community leaders and parents for their unwavering commitment to the District's children!

Despite continuing bad news about how many Americans the recession has pushed into poverty, the good news is that strengthened safety net programs have prevented many from falling further behind. According to Census data analyzed by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, six major federal programs (including food stamps and the Earned Income Tax Credit) have kept 7 million Americans – including nearly 2.6 million children – out of poverty.

Here in DC, more than 28,000 children benefit each month from TANF- the District’s cash assistance welfare program.

Unfortunately, despite our best advocacy efforts and progress, many children still do not have access to adequate health care or quality learning opportunities.

As the year draws to a close, many of us turn our attention to making year-end donations to the organizations and issues that are closest to our hearts. We hope children’s issues are at or near the top of your list. And we encourage you to think about the countless children in need who live right here in DC as you make your charitable donations for 2011.

We hope you’ll consider supporting DC Action for Children with your tax-deductible donation.

Please click here to make a gift today that will support the youngest among us -- DC’s children.  

Please support us at whatever level feels right. No gift is too small, and we work hard to make every donation stretch as far as possible in supporting DC’s neediest children.  

With a grateful heart,

HyeSook Chung and the entire DC Action team!

P.S.- Leave a comment below and tell us what you are thankful for this year!