Six Neighborhoods Are Home to More than One-Third of DC Children and Youth

About 100,000 children and youth under the age of 18 live in DC.  While they live in all areas of city, they are concentrated in certain neighborhoods.

In fact, more than one-third (36%) of them live in just six neighborhood clusters (out of 39): Deanwood, Capitol View/Marshall Heights, Union Station/Stanton Park, Columbia Heights, Brightwood Park and Congress Heights. As a comparison, 29 percent of DC adults live in these neighborhoods.

Why is this important? Knowing where children and youth live – and what their neighborhoods are like – can help city policy makers, planners and others with decisions about where public and private investments are needed most to support children.

A few other reflections on these neighborhoods:

•    Four of them have child poverty rates above 25 percent.

•    Two of them are high-poverty neighborhoods, where more than 30 percent of residents are poor. Another two have a neighborhood poverty rate above 23 percent.

•    Three are highly segregated, where more than 95 percent of children are black.

•    Median family income is below $30,000 in three of them.

•    While all of them have a library, three do not have a grocery store.

DC needs focused investments where children and youth live, work and play because not all neighborhoods have the assets they need to thrive. We hope city policy makers and planners will use DC KIDS COUNT data like this to make wise decisions about how to support all DC neighborhoods and all DC children and youth.

Want to know more? Visit our 2012 DC KIDS COUNT e-Databook for an interactive map, plus more information about these and other neighborhood conditions for DC children and youth. Tune in next Friday for another quick look into our numbers.

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