Our 2018 Resolutions

Letter from the Executive Director
Dear Friend,
Happy New Year! Before the holidays, the DC Action team spent some time reflecting on the status of children in our city and country and decided to create a set of new year’s resolutions. These resolutions represent our commitment to ensuring that the District is a great place for children to call home.
Over the last decade, DC has experienced a great deal of population and economic growth, and 2017 was no different. However, as our recent blog post notes, prosperity has not been shared across the city. Income inequality is rising across the District - and is closely linked with rising poverty. We know that the effect of poverty has long-lasting negative repercussions on children: children who are persistently poor are nearly 90% more likely to enter their 20s without finishing high school and are four times more likely to have a teen birth. For this reason, the DC Action for Children team resolves to provide research and policy leadership that guarantees all children and families, regardless of their race, income or zip code, the foundation they need to succeed in school and in life.
To accomplish our goals, we will spend the year focused on the following:
  • Strengthening the early childhood system
  • Securing sustainable funding and supports for local home visiting programs
  • Advocating for two-generation strategies that support children and their parents to improve birth, child and family outcomes.


We invite you to follow us as we work to achieve these results. You can do so by looking for #DCKIDSCOUNT on Twitter and Facebook

In gratitude,




Want to see what are our research and policy leadership looks like through the years? We've created two new "one-stop-shop" pages on our website so that you can easily find past DC Action publications and testimonies from as early as 2011. 


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