Households at Risk of Losing Medicaid

About one thousand households are at risk of losing Medicaid by January 31, 2015.  Your help is needed to prevent the loss of coverage that would harm beneficiaries and providers.

The DC Department of Human Services (DHS) has recently restarted Medicaid renewals for Medicaid recipients who now use the new MAGI (Modified Adjusted Gross Income) calculation to determine their eligibility.  Most Medicaid beneficiaries, including children, parents, pregnant women and childless adults, are MAGI Medicaid Beneficiaries.  

DHS is using a passive renewal system which will eventually make the process of renewing much easier.  Under the new passive renewal system, 

  • Each month, DHS will send out notices on a rolling basis to those beneficiaries who cannot be automatically renewed.  
  • Anyone who cannot passively renew will be sent a 19-page form that must be returned within 60 days. 
  • Those who fail to return the form will lose their Medicaid coverage.  

DHS is reporting that a very low percentage of these forms have been returned and that (at last report) about one thousand families are at risk of losing their Medicaid coverage effective January 31st.  As of now, these households will not get any other notification.  They will just show up at the doctor and find out that their Medicaid has been cut off. 

Without your help, many more Medicaid beneficiaries could lose their coverage in the coming year when it is their turn to renew.

For assistance, you can call the DC Health Link Customer Service Line (855-532-LINK) or the ESA Customer Service Line (202-727-5355).

Directing clients who have received a termination notice to go into an ESA Service Center to reapply/recertify immediately. There is a 90-day grace period following termination where consumers can reapply/recertify and receive retroactive Medicaid coverage back to the date of termination. It is therefore important that consumers take action as quickly as possible after termination so that they do not end up with gaps in coverage. 


For additional informaiton, plcease contact: Please contact:  

Legal Aid Society of DC: Jennifer Mezey ( OR Chelsea Sharon (

Whitman-Walker Health: Erin Loubier (

DC Fiscal Policy Institute: Wes Rivers (

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