The FY19 Budget is out! What's in it for kids?

Dear Friend,
Today, the Mayor Bowser released her proposed budget for fiscal year 2019. Our team eagerly awaits this day every year with one central question in mind: what’s in it for kids? The budget outlines her plans for residents in the District—large investments and new funding describe her priorities.
Over the next few days, we will scour the budget with the goal of answering our central question. We are looking for investments that supports and resources for children and families.
From the end of March through April, the DC Council will hear testimony from the public about the proposed budgets for individual government agencies. We will be at the Wilson Building advocating for a budget that prioritizes the needs of DC children and promotes equity. This means the FY19 budget should:
  • Fund evidence-based and promising programs and initiatives that support children and their families;
  • Deepen investments to promote economic security and access to opportunity; and
  • Target resources to communities where residents have the greatest needs.


We believe the District should be a place where all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams. To do so, we must create and strengthen systems designed to meet the needs of ALL children, eliminate disparities and achieve results.


We invite you to participate in these critical conversations with our government leaders. Review our partner’s Resident’s Guide to the DC Budget, examine the Mayor Bowser’s proposed FY19 budget, and take a look at the Budget Oversight Hearing Schedule to find out when the DC Council will hear testimony. We will post all of our budget testimonies on our website, so you can follow along.  


Our investments today set the foundation for tomorrow, shaping children’s lives and the future of DC.


With gratitude,



4/9 Department of Health Budget Hearing

4/18 Child and Family Services Budget Hearing 

4/19 Department of Health Care Finance Budget Hearing

4/24 Office of the State Superintendent of Education Budget Hearing



Testimony, DOH Performance Oversight Hearing, FY 2017-2018
Testimony, DHCF Performance Oversight Hearing, FY 2017-2018
Testimony, OSSE Performance Oversight Hearing, FY 2017-2018


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