DC Child Care Relief Fund Announced!

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Just months ago, we fought hard for a child care stabilization fund. Here it is!

We are a proud co-chair of the Under 3 DC Coalition who organized the voices of early educators, parents, health professionals, community leaders and organizations to fight for this investment.

We also thank the DC Council for listening to our collective stories, allocating funds toward stabilizing child care programs and ensuring the fund could be deployed as soon as possible. 

Please help spread the word far and wide to ensure that child care programs who need financial support, to re-open safely for our children and families, receive it.

Thank you!



As part of the District’s coronavirus (COVID-19) recovery efforts, the DC Child Care Provider Relief Fund will provide $5 million in emergency operational funding to local child care facilities. Relief funds will be granted to all licensed District child care providers to ensure a supply of child care for families during the public health emergency and recovery period. This effort is being led by the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) and the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE). The Washington Area Community Investment Fund (WACIF) is partnering to handle intake and disperse program funds.

The funding is authorized by “COVID-19 Response Emergency Amendment Act of 2020” effective March 17, 2020 (D.C. Act 23-247) (and extended by the Coronavirus Support Emergency Amendment Act of 2020 (D.C. Act 23-0326), Coronavirus Support Clarification Emergency Amendment Act of 2020 (D.C. Act 23-332), Coronavirus Support Temporary Amendment Act of 2020 (D.C. Act 23-0334), the Coronavirus Support Congressional Review Emergency Amendment Act of 2020 (D.C. Act 23-0328), and the Coronavirus Support Second Congressional Review Emergency Amendment Act of 2020 (D.C. Act 23-0405), the “Fiscal Year 2020 Revised Local Budget Emergency Act of 2020” (A23-351), and any subsequent emergency, temporary, or permanent versions of the Acts, and Mayor’s Order 2020-079.

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