The Collaborative + The Classys

In 2014, DC Action was one of the top 5 organizations recognized at the Classy Awards for our work in education preparedness! This was an especially huge recognition for our small but mighty staff of four. As executive director, I also had the pressure of providing a TEDx style presentation as a Game Changer for our DC KIDS COUNT data tool! It was truly an incredible week of networking with social innovators pushing and fighting for social change.



Last week, I was at the Classys in another capacity – as a member of the Leadership Council. I almost felt the need to pinch myself as I mingled and learned from elite social innovators representing amazing organizations like the United Nations Foundation, MIT Poverty Lab,, and many, many more.


My time at the Classys was amazing! I was busy soaking in all the new trends and ideas in social innovations to propel our mission-focused work at DC Action. Reflecting on that incredible week, I thought I’d share a few reflections I’ve gathered on dynamic social innovation:


  • Mulit-disciplinary teams are a must for problem solving potential.
  • Social innovation means accepting that everything is constantly changing and leaders must be adaptive to the constant change.
  • Traditional paradigms are converging and bottom-up implementation is must for innovation.
  • #OpenWorld is the way forward – (aka #opengovernment #opendata)
  • CHANGE is the new normal! There’s nothing we can use to measure social enterprise! WE must LEAD THE CHANGE!


However, most compelling for me is the charge for us (“social innovators”) to reform the practice of government and social services as we know it so that we can truly innovate and create a new normal.


So, what does this mean for DC Action? What does it mean for us as we think of strategies to improve the lives of DC children? So many questions.