Can you put a price on the health of a child?

Sixty-five percent of children in D.C. received health coverage under Medicaid in 2010. Now their health and safety is at risk as Congress and the White House take aim at this bedrock safety net program.

Our nation's debt burden is heavy. But our conscience will be heavier if we allow politicians to wring millions of dollars out of Medicaid, the program serving the most vulnerable among us. Sadly, Medicaid has become an easy target because half of all recipients are children and children cannot vote. Make no mistake, we will all pay the price if we allow Congress to compromise the health of our youngest citizens. Today, the District has one of the best child coverage rates in the nation, but if Medicaid funding is cut or capped, the number of uninsured children in D.C. could grow dramatically.

We may not have a vote in Congress, but we can make our voices heard. Please join DC Action and a growing coalition of child advocacy groups across the country committed to fighting for the incredible investment that Medicaid represents. Medicaid helps bring health care to more than 28 million children, including well-child visits, vaccinations, developmental screenings, oral care and more.

Both states and the federal government are looking to slash Medicaid. Over half of the children who need Medicaid could be cut by 2021 as states look to balance budgets by cutting crucial health care benefits for the poorest, smallest Americans. That's 15 to 18 million children nationwide.

Please click here to sign our letter to the White House and let the President know that the District won't stand for cuts to Medicaid.

Thank you!