Can we count you in?



Last Thursday, the DC Action team attended Mayor Muriel Bowser’s 2017 State of the District Address at the University of the District of Columbia. Like many “State of” addresses, it was both reflective and forward thinking.

Purposefully, she grounded her message with a focus on “#DCValues” — the shared beliefs that set the foundation of our local culture. These include respect for human rights, shared and inclusive prosperity and investments to support stronger families and neighborhoods. Her address was not only a powerful reminder of what unites us as Washingtonians, but also a call to action. In the wake of new federal threats to DC’s autonomy, we must be prepared to stand up for our rights and values.

As advocates for children and families, Mayor Bowser’s message is particularly salient and relevant to the DC Action team. Since 1992, we have worked to ensure that our youngest residents have access to the resources they need to thrive. We believe the District should be a place where all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams. We remain committed to working tirelessly alongside other advocates, leaders and community members to make this vision a reality.

This work is important, it is urgent and we need your help.

Today, the Mayor released her proposed FY2018 budget, and we will be calling for strong investments that support children and families from now until the DC Council votes on it later this spring. 

Your support is critical to ensuring that all #DCKIDSCOUNT. Can we count you in?