10 Facts from the new Ward Snapshots

There’s a lot you can learn from the new DC KIDS COUNT Ward Snapshots - and here's a memo to help you get the most out of them. Here are just 10 facts about the well-being of children in all eight DC Wards we thought you might find interesting:

1. Ward 1 saw the largest decrease in the teen birth rate.

2. Ward 2 had the lowest birth rate.

3. Ward 3's population of children under five increased by 17%.

4. Ward 4's children saw health care access increase with an 82% increase in children benefitting from Medicaid.

5. Ward 5's median family income increased by 11%.

6. Ward 6's child poverty rate decreased by 9 percentage points.

7. Ward 7's infant mortality rate dropped below the DC average.

8. Ward 8 saw the largest increase in the percent of residents with high school diplomas.  

9. Despite a 21% increase in Median Family Income in DC, child poverty only decreased by 4 percentage points.

10. Across DC, even as many indicators improve, too many children are not receiving the health, education and economic support they need to grow and thrive.

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