We're shaping fair and equitable public policy for all of DC's children and youth to grow up safe, resilient, powerful, and heard.

With the support of individuals and private foundations, DC Action for Children uses research, data, and a lens toward race equity to break down barriers that stand in the way of all kids reaching their full potential. Our collaborative advocacy campaigns empower young people and all residents to raise their voices to create change.

What's New?

More children falling off the 3rd grade cliff in reading

It’s all in the numbers. They don’t lie. Just as a financial advisor tells young people entering the workforce to begin investing early in their retirement accounts to guarantee the best payout in the end, it’s increasingly clear that we must invest early in our children’s learning and development. Waiting until they’re already in school is waiting too long. When...

My hope for the District’s youngest citizens

Welcome to the new home of DC Action for Children! We’re delighted you found us. I suppose I should introduce myself! I joined DC Action for Children in October as Executive Director. It’s hard to believe it’s already been nearly eight months. Our small team has working tirelessly to get this new site launched, all while doing the direct advocacy...

Little Citizens, Big Issues: A platform for discussion, advocacy and change

The cacophony of activity and emotion inside D.C.’s classrooms is often matched only by the boisterous discussion of quality early care and education beyond the classrooms—from the halls of government to the proverbial kitchen table. Should we emphasize quality or access? Can we do both? At what age do we mandate early education for all children—age 3? 2? Kindergarten? What...

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Despite a booming economy, the District has one of the highest child poverty rates in the country, with more than one quarter of children and youth living in families struggling to make ends meet. Let's work together to break down structural barriers that stand in the way of all kids reaching their full potential.  Join Us!